War En Vivo 1973 Mexican 2-LP vinyl set GX01-685/86

War Peace Sign 1994 USA press pack PRESS PACK

War The World Is A Ghetto 1973 UK 7" vinyl UP35469

War Why Can't We Be Friends 1975 UK 7" vinyl UP35836

War Anthology 1970-1994 - Gold promo stamped 1994 USA box set R271774

War Deliver the Word 1973 USA vinyl LP UA-LA-128

War War Live - RIAA Double Platinum Award 1973 USA award disc DOUBLE PLATINUM AWARD

War Youngblood 1978 UK vinyl LP MCF2864

War Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do) 1978 UK 7" vinyl MCA383

War The Cisco Kid 1973 UK 7" vinyl UP35521

War Galaxy Part 1 - Inj 1977 German 7" vinyl MCA339

War Me And Baby Brother 1976 UK 7" vinyl WIP6303

War Hey Señorita 1977 UK 7" vinyl MCA359

War Galaxy (Edited Version) - 4pr 1977 UK 7" vinyl MCA339

War The World Is A Ghetto 1980 UK 12" vinyl MCAT557

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