Vikki Carr For Once In My Life 1969 UK vinyl LP LBS83180

Vikki Carr It Must Be Him 1968 UK vinyl LP LBS83037

Vikki Carr Hoy (Today) 1975 UK vinyl LP 80711

Vikki Carr Anatomy Of Love 1965 UK vinyl LP LBY1284

Vikki Carr Unforgettable 1978 USA vinyl LP SPC-3813

Vikki Carr It Must Be Him (Seul Sur Son E Toile) 1966 UK 7" vinyl LIB55917

Vikki Carr Hey Look Me Over 1969 UK vinyl LP SLS50154

Vikki Carr Vikki! 1968 UK vinyl LP LBS83099E

Vikki Carr Don't Break My Pretty Balloon 1968 UK vinyl LP LBL83143E

Vikki Carr The Way Of Today! 1966 UK vinyl LP LBY1331

Vikki Carr It Must Be Him 1987 UK 7" vinyl OG9722

Vikki Carr It Must Be Him 1980 USA vinyl LP LM-1006

Vikki Carr The Best Of Vikki Carr - The Liberty Years 1989 UK vinyl LP EMS1323

Vikki Carr Discovery! 1964 UK vinyl LP LBY1208

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