Various-Religious Kol Salonika Vol III Israeli vinyl LP L-5844

Various-Religious Malavsky Family Israeli vinyl LP EMB31139

Various-Religious Shema Kolenu 1984 Israeli vinyl LP CBS26205

Various-Religious The Four Kusevitzky Brothers 1985 Israeli vinyl LP CBS26469

Various-Religious Hallelujah! and other Great Sacred Choruses 1962 Canadian vinyl LP LSC-2591

Various-Religious In Honour of our Lady 1981 UK vinyl LP ACA501

Various-Religious Music for Passiontide 1968 UK vinyl LP GRS7001

Various-Religious A Choral Festival 1978 UK 3-LP vinyl set D112D3

Various-Religious Liturgical Chorus Bulgarian vinyl LP BXA1104

Various-Religious The Sound of Kings 1989 UK vinyl LP LPKCC1

Various-Religious Christmas in Venice 1972 UK vinyl LP SDD363

Various-Religious Czech Baroque Christmas Music Czech vinyl LP SUA10451

Various-Religious A Festival of Lessons and Carols 1972 UK vinyl LP ECS659

Various-Religious The Treasury of English Church Music 1966 UK vinyl LP CLP3504

Various-Religious Mass of St. Sylvester 1985 UK vinyl LP REGL572

Various-Religious Anthems from Salisbury 1979 UK vinyl LP E77025

Various-Religious Baroque Masterworks for the Festive Season 1980 USA vinyl LP TVS34652

Various-Religious English Cathedral Music 1964 UK vinyl LP ZRG5406

Various-Religious A Winter's Solstice 1985 USA vinyl LP WH-1045

Various-Religious A Gentill Thesu 1985 UK vinyl LP A66152

Various-Religious Papst Johanners Paul II spricht zu Ihnen in deutsche Sprache German vinyl LP FSM53542AUL

Various-Religious Virgin: A Rock Opera By The Mission 1973 USA box set PAS8000

Various-Religious That Old-Time Religion 1977 UK box set GOTR-8A

Various-Religious Traditional Jazz In Rural Churches 1982 German vinyl LP TLP-1001

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