Various-Organs Six Concertos For Two Organs 1970 UK vinyl LP LPB659

Various-Organs Organ Fireworks 1984 UK vinyl LP A66121

Various-Organs Service High and Anthems Clear 1980 UK vinyl LP A66012

Various-Organs Through the Year at Peterborough 1986 UK vinyl LP ACA557

Various-Organs English Organ Music 1690-1790 1974 UK vinyl LP 61495

Various-Organs Organ in Close up 1977 UK vinyl LP PFS4416

Various-Organs German Baroque Organ Music 1968 UK vinyl LP 2538257

Various-Organs The King of Instruments 1969 UK vinyl LP SEOM4

Various-Organs Paisley Abbey Organ 1977 UK vinyl LP LPB790

Various-Organs The Organ at Hexham Abbey 1977 UK vinyl LP ZRG864

Various-Organs English Organ Music 1967 UK vinyl LP RG528

Various-Organs Historic Organs of Italy 1968 USA vinyl LP 72810

Various-Organs Organ Music of the Bach Family 1979 UK vinyl LP VPS1088

Various-Organs Jennifer Bate plays Showpieces for Organ 1981 UK vinyl LP DKP9007

Various-Organs Organ in Splendor and Majesty 1984 UK vinyl LP PR146

Various-Organs Encores a la francaise 1982 German vinyl LP DG-10069

Various-Organs Spanish Organ Music 1967 UK vinyl LP TV34097S

Various-Organs Robin Richmond Entertains 1973 UK vinyl LP REC149S

Various-Organs Great Organ Favourites 1974 UK vinyl LP 2870379

Various-Organs Fairground Fantasia In Stereo 1970 UK vinyl LP HMA231

Various-Organs Mammoth Gaviolo Fair Organ 1970 UK vinyl LP ECS2076

Various-Organs Meet Me At The Fair 1971 UK vinyl LP MALS1386

Various-Organs The Great Gavioli UK vinyl LP T775

Various-Organs Roger Burville Presents David Barlow Mortimer Dance Organ 1972 UK vinyl LP SRS5106

Various-Organs Radcliffe's Steam Carnival On Tour 1977 UK vinyl LP SHM928

Various-Organs Dancing To The Perlee Queen 1972 UK vinyl LP COSMO2006

Various-Organs Come To The Fair Vol 2 - The Gaudin Fair Organ 1971 UK vinyl LP JOYS216

Various-Organs Carousel - Mechanical Organs From The Thursford Collection 1983 UK vinyl LP TE10

Various-Organs Mammoth Marenghi Fair Organ - Marches And Overtures 1965 UK vinyl LP ECS2078

Various-Organs All The Fun Of The Fairground 1968 UK vinyl LP MALS854

Various-Organs The Mighty Marenghi - Fairground Organ 1970 UK vinyl LP SRS5035

Various-Organs Best Of The Mighty Marenghi Fairground Organ 1971 UK vinyl LP OU2128

Various-Organs Street Organ Souvenirs - De Arabier 1969 UK vinyl LP 6640154

Various-Organs Carl Frei Concert Organ - Medley Of Music 1965 UK vinyl LP ECS2080

Various-Organs All The Fun Of The Fair - Volume Two 1971 UK vinyl LP JOYS217

Various-Organs The World Of Mechanical Organ 1971 UK vinyl LP SPA115

Various-Organs 112-Key Mortier Organ - Dance To The Mortier Organ 1966 UK vinyl LP ECS2018

Various-Organs Carousel Van Der Beeck - Come To The Fair 1966 UK vinyl LP ECS2082

Various-Organs The Magic Of The Street Organ 1975 UK vinyl LP 1500035

Various-Organs The Mortier Dance Hall Organ 1965 UK vinyl LP TWO104

Various-Organs Marching Strings - Great Gavioli Of Thursford Collection 1981 UK vinyl LP TE06

Various-Organs Mammoth Marenghi Fair Organ - All-Time Favourites 1971 UK vinyl LP ECS2077

Various-Organs David Barlow Presents Marching And Waltzing With The Mortier 1967 UK vinyl LP TWO168

Various-Organs Marching With The Mammoth Gavioli 1967 UK vinyl LP SKL4864

Various-Organs Amsterdam Souvenir 1967 Dutch vinyl LP 826377

Various-Organs The Mammoth Sound Of The 97-Key Mortier Organ 1969 UK vinyl LP EROS8065

Various-Organs Christmas Carols From Guildford Cathedral 1966 UK vinyl LP MFP1339

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