Various-Orchestral Selections From Pineapple Roll EP 1958 UK 7" vinyl PEP100

Various-Orchestral Eric Robinson's World Of Music 1972 UK box set GCWM-10A

Various-Orchestral Conifer Classical Catalogue 1989 1989 UK CD album CDCF101

Various-Orchestral Karajan Bon Bons 1966 UK vinyl LP SDD150

Various-Orchestral Magical Melodies 1968 UK vinyl LP RDS6411

Various-Orchestral Waltzes From Vienna Vol. 2 1973 UK vinyl LP ZS145

Various-Orchestral Themes - Test Pressing 1981 UK vinyl LP NE1122

Various-Orchestral Studio Two Classics 1971 UK vinyl LP STWO6

Various-Orchestral Mascagni / Cilea - Sealed Italian vinyl LP SKI7011

Various-Orchestral The Sound of King's UK vinyl LP SEOM5

Various-Orchestral Great Marches 1985 UK vinyl LP 414074-1

Various-Orchestral Favourite Opera Duets UK 2-LP vinyl set DPA517/8

Various-Orchestral Bach and his Time 1966 UK vinyl LP 004461

Various-Orchestral Immortal Serenades 1976 Japanese vinyl LP GXH-1002

Various-Orchestral Favourite Ballet Suites 1978 UK 2-LP vinyl set DPA605-6

Various-Orchestral The Romantic Ballet UK box set SMS6436/41

Various-Orchestral Concert Favourites 1958 UK vinyl LP ALP1649

Various-Orchestral The Play of Daniel 1983 UK vinyl LP DSLO612

Various-Orchestral Ballet at the Bolshoi USA 3-LP vinyl set SRC-4114

Various-Orchestral Virtuose Oboenkonzerte German vinyl LP 2535417

Various-Orchestral The Baroque Trumpet UK vinyl LP 2850006

Various-Orchestral Viennese Sommerfest! 1985 Canadian vinyl LP PAD224

Various-Orchestral Venetian Festival Music 1974 UK vinyl LP CSD3755

Various-Orchestral Madrigals and Wedding Songs for Diana 1981 UK vinyl LP A66019

Various-Orchestral Music Makers 1976 UK vinyl LP HLM7093

Various-Orchestral A Treasury of English Song 1986 UK 2-LP vinyl set EX2909113

Various-Orchestral Een echte "high fidelity" langspeelplat Dutch 10" vinyl MMS-100W

Various-Orchestral American Festival 1983 UK vinyl LP PAD-102

Various-Orchestral A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table 1989 UK vinyl LP SSLP800

Various-Orchestral Music of the Four Countries UK vinyl LP ASD2400

Various-Orchestral The Afternoon of a Faun 1984 UK vinyl LP ABM760

Various-Orchestral The World Of Ballet 1970 UK vinyl LP PA55

Various-Orchestral Favourite Overtures 1989 UK 2-LP vinyl set CRSLP101

Various-Orchestral The Magic Of Torvill & Dean 1985 UK vinyl LP SMR8502

Various-Orchestral The World Of The Violin 1974 UK vinyl LP SPA350

Various-Orchestral Light Classical Gems 1959 UK 7" vinyl 45XP1066

Various-Orchestral Orchestral Favourites 1958 UK 7" vinyl WEP1009

Various-Orchestral Heritage - The Music Of Britain 1977 UK 2-LP vinyl set SS77/1/2

Various-Orchestral Famous Overtures EP 1961 UK 7" vinyl M957

Various-Orchestral Stereo Musicale Showcase 1966 UK vinyl LP 104450

Various-Orchestral Music For You #3 1969 UK vinyl LP RDS6323

Various-Orchestral A Classic Christmas 1991 UK vinyl LP EMTV62

Various-Orchestral Smetana / Weinberger / Enesco 1964 UK vinyl LP T333

Various-Orchestral Classical Gold II 1978 UK 4-LP vinyl set RTD-42032

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