Various-Indie On The Dotted Line [Here] 1987 UK vinyl LP EE3530

Various-Indie Abstract Magazine #5 1985 UK vinyl LP AMO5

Various-Indie A Flavour Of The Label 5 1996 UK CD album CDWK54

Various-Indie Indie 2001 - The Festival Mushroom Retail Sampler 2001 Australian CD album INDIE01

Various-Indie Teenbeat EP 1993 USA 7" vinyl TEENBEAT100

Various-Indie The Main Stage 1997 UK CD album FREECD

Various-Indie Help EP 1995 UK CD single GODCD135

Various-Indie Devolution - Alternative Rock Classics 1975-1985 1995 UK box set DEVOBOX1

Various-Indie NME Reader's Poll Winners '84 1985 UK 7" vinyl GIV1

Various-Indie Help EP 1995 UK CD single HELPCD1

Various-Indie Ton Nage 2 1996 USA CD album EK67614

Various-Indie Devolution - Alternative Rock Classics 1975 - 1985 1995 UK box set DEVOBOX1

Various-Indie Melody Maker EP 1986 UK 7" vinyl CONFLICT1

Various-Indie The Hit Sheet 2003 UK CD album HITSHEET22

Various-Indie Icky-Poo Air Raid - Purple Vinyl 1995 UK 7" vinyl CHE47

Various-Indie A Full Head Of Steam 1989 UK vinyl LP FHOSLP1

Various-Indie NME Premier Tour 2000 2000 UK CD album NMETOUR2000

Various-Indie Pinkpop 2000 Sampler 2000 Dutch CD album SAMPCD87232

Various-Indie Deceptive Xmas CD 1995 UK CD album BLUFF001XMASCD

Various-Indie Pink Pop 2000 Sampler 2000 Dutch CD album

Various-Indie Sounds Blasts EP2 1988 UK 7" vinyl BLASTS!2

Various-Indie Exclusives! 2001 UK CD album NMEEX6-10-01

Various-Indie Deceptive Fifty 1990 UK CD album BLUFF050CD

Various-Indie Volume Eleven 1994 UK CD album 11VCD11

Various-Indie 18 Original Hits by 18 Unoriginal Artists USA CD album PMP011

Various-Indie Help 1995 USA CD album 422-828682-2

Various-Indie In Defense Of Animals 1993 USA CD album 772747-2

Various-Indie The BBC Sessions Vol. 1 2005 UK 2-CD album set ETHCD007

Various-Indie Alternative NRG Greenpeace 1994 USA CD album HR-61449-2

Various-Indie This Is Indie Rock - Volume Three 2006 USA CD album DER-449

Various-Indie The Nyquist Theory 2004 UK CD album HPRO19CD

Various-Indie Free CD 2000 UK CD single STWTOUR1

Various-Indie Wrath Supersevens 28/29 2005 UK CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Various-Indie Petals And Flowers 2005 UK CD album SRCD13

Various-Indie Fat Northerner Volume Two 2006 UK CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Various-Indie The Sounds/WEA Xmas Cracker 1985 UK 7" vinyl CRACKER1

Various-Indie Volume Eight 1993 UK CD album 8VCD8

Various-Indie Volume Six 1993 UK CD album 6VCD6

Various-Indie New Pop Express 1993 Japanese CD album SACA-16

Various-Indie Help EP 1995 Japanese CD single POCD-1204

Various-Indie Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2003 2004 UK 2-CD album set CDSTUMM234

Various-Indie And The Rest Is History... 1997 UK vinyl LP ZERO001LP

Various-Indie I'd Rather Shout At A Returning Echo.... 2001 UK CD album SBZ042CD

Various-Indie Next Five Miles Vol. 1 1995 UK video SAM1617

Various-Indie Neptunes - Orange/red vinyl 1996 Irish vinyl LP LPPIE019

Various-Indie Suction Prints 1998 UK vinyl LP SRLP4

Various-Indie The Fight Is On 1985 Belgian vinyl LP LAY10

Various-Indie All The Rage [10" Sampler] 2008 UK 10" vinyl RUG285T

Various-Indie Bewildered 1997 UK CD album WILD4

Various-Indie Gravity 2003 UK CD album GVTY009

Various-Indie Independent And Still Taking Liberties 1997 UK CD album MIDFI001

Various-Indie Plaid Remixes - Parts In The Post 2003 UK 2-CD album set PFG030

Various-Indie NME Exclusives 2001 UK CD album NME6-10-01

Various-Indie New Noises Vol. 63 2004 German CD album

Various-Indie Essential Interpretations 1998 USA 2-CD album set 72434-93335-2-9

Various-Indie Zero: A Martin Hannet Story 1977-1991 2006 USA CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Various-Indie Never Mind The Pan Pipes: Indie Pan Pipe Hits 2007 UK CD album ERN001CD

Various-Indie XFM Debut Sessions 2008 UK 2-CD album set 5305649

Various-Indie Rock The Net: Musicians For Network Neutrality 2008 USA CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Various-Indie Sonic Sounds 3 EP 1987 UK 7" vinyl SONIC3

Various-Indie Saturday Night Live Volume 2 1999 USA CD album 0044-50206-2

Various-Indie The Jerky Boys 1994 USA CD album 82708-2

Various-Indie The Best Of The Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions Volume 1 1992 UK CD album MARK1

Various-Indie Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage & The Wipers 1996 USA CD album TK91CD10

Various-Indie Airspace II UK vinyl LP BREAKLP3

Various-Indie Volume Nine - Sealed 1992 UK 2-LP vinyl set 9VLP9

Various-Indie House Of Dolls 1989 UK 7" vinyl HOD009

Various-Indie Take The Subway To Your Suburb 1986 UK vinyl LP SUBORG1

Various-Indie Coachella 2007 2007 USA 2-CD album set SC0407

Various-Indie The Best Tracks From The Best Albums 2002 UK CD album

Various-Indie Kill Rock Stars 1991 USA vinyl LP KRS-201

Various-Indie Love Music Hate Racism 2007 UK 2-LP vinyl set NMEV07-03

Various-Indie This Is Fort Apache 1995 USA CD album MCAD-11179

Various-Indie Sounds Showcase 2 EP 1987 UK 7" vinyl SHOW2

Various-Indie They'll Have To Catch Us First 2006 UK CD album WIGCD179

Various-Indie We Love Yule 2007 UK 7" vinyl AMOUR20S

Various-Indie Consequences 2008 UK CD single CDR6758

Various-Indie PLG Wins! 1992 USA CD album SACD566

Various-Indie 90.0 The Bridge - Live Volume 2 2007 USA CD album KTBG002

Various-Indie Decalogue - Sparkle Vinyl 1999 UK 10" vinyl OCH033

Various-Indie Almost Alice 2010 UK CD album 6285432

Various-Indie Hot Wired Monstertrux 1993 UK 12" vinyl TRUX1

Various-Indie Sex Sweat And Blood (The New Dancability) 1982 UK vinyl LP BEGA34

Various-Indie Organ No. 38 EP 1995 UK 7" vinyl RAEL01

Various-Indie Noise From The Sound Cupboard 1996 UK vinyl LP HISS9

Various-Indie Coachella 2010 Spotlight Album 2010 USA 2-CD album set SC0410

Various-Indie The Sound Of Deep Ellum 1987 UK vinyl LP ILPS9888

Various-Indie Sampler 1986 UK 12" vinyl IRMT131

Various-Indie The Best ... In The World ... Ever! 1990 UK artwork PROOF ARTWORK

Various-Indie The Best ... In The World ... Ever! 1996 UK artwork PROOF ARTWORK

Various-Indie Nothing Short Of Total War (Part One) 1989 UK vinyl LP BFFP13

Various-Indie Ashes & Diamonds - The Underground Educational Entertainment 1988 UK vinyl LP REDINK1/UGEEP2

Various-Indie Declaration Of Independants 1981 UK vinyl LP YANK2

Various-Indie Rebellious Jukebox 1996 USA 7" vinyl REBEL002

Various-Indie Alternative NRG - Greenpeace 1993 USA press pack PRESS PACK

Various-Indie Just A Mish Mash 1987 UK vinyl LP IT47

Various-Indie Gift Wrapped Volume 2 - Snowed In 2010 USA CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Various-Indie Singles Club #2 1997 UK CD single BENT024CD

Various-Indie One Pound Ninety Nine 1985 UK vinyl LP BBB1

Various-Indie Alternative NRG 1994 Japanese CD album PCCY-00533

Various-Indie A Different Kind Of Tension 1986 UK vinyl LP PRLP1

Various-Indie Beauty 1987 UK vinyl LP PINKY15

Various-Indie Humbuggary 1994 Japanese CD album MDCP-4039

Various-Indie Peace Together 1993 Japanese CD album PHCR-731

Various-Indie Volume Seven 1993 Japanese CD album 7VMC7

Various-Indie Just Say Yesterday: Vol. VI of Just Say Yes 1992 USA CD album 926954-2

Various-Indie Astral Angora 1995 UK 7" vinyl NANA1

Various-Indie With Emotions - Black Vinyl 2000 German 7" vinyl LSP001

Various-Indie 4 Track 4 Track UK 7" vinyl SLAMPT44

Various-Indie We Love Yule 2007 UK CD album AMOUR11CD

Various-Indie Whip It OST 2010 UK CD album 8122798470

Various-Indie Dermot O'Leary Saturday Sessions 2010 UK 2-CD album set 88697780202

Various-Indie NME Radar - The Best New Artists Of 2010 2010 UK CD album RADAR001

Various-Indie Manchester Music For Kosovo 2011 UK CD album SS06CD

Various-Indie Christmas Stocking Filler Pt. 2 2000 UK 10" vinyl TNXMS25

Various-Indie Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Twisted Nerve 2001 UK 2-LP vinyl set TN030

Various-Indie Deep Ellum 1987 Japanese CD album P33D20047

Various-Indie The Indie Scene '79 1991 UK CD album IBMCD79

Various-Indie Ghost Of A Rollercoaster 1991 USA 7" vinyl SHR701

Various-Indie A Caulfield Compilation 1993 USA 7" vinyl CR005

Various-Indie Lie To Me: A Compilation Of Guitar Use And Abuse 1989 UK vinyl LP ULP1

Various-Indie Run For Your Life 2007 UK 7" vinyl RFYL002

Various-Indie Growl Wow EP#1 2001 Czech 12" vinyl IN003

Various-Indie London Heat Wave 1980 Japanese vinyl LP AMP28008

Various-Indie Set of 23 Boobytrap Records Single Samplers UK CD single BOOB001/024CD

Various-Indie Occam's Razor - Split USA 7" vinyl GSR006

Various-Indie ...From Our Hearts 1997 German 7" vinyl PATH07

Various-Indie They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow - Split 7" USA 7" vinyl GSR009

Various-Indie A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box 2006 UK 3-disc CD/DVD Set 3 CD-R/1 DVD-R ACETATE SET

Various-Indie The Best Of Indie Top 20 1991 UK 2-LP vinyl set BOTT001

Various-Indie St. Valentines Killers 2004 UK 12" vinyl HOOK008

Various-Indie Touchdown + 12" 1982 UK 2-LP vinyl set TOUCH1

Various-Indie Collection of 6 Poptones Singles - Numbered 0001 2001 UK 7" vinyl 6 SINGLES

Various-Indie Indie Top 20 - Volume 12 1991 UK 2-LP vinyl set TT012

Various-Indie The Sound Of Deep Ellum - Sealed 1987 USA vinyl LP 90637-1

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