Various-Childrens An Anthology Of 100 Israeli Nursery Rhymes 1981 Israeli 2-LP vinyl set 22084

Various-Childrens 30 Birthday And Game Songs For Tots 1979 Israeli vinyl LP CBS53829

Various-Childrens Classical Music With Narration For Children 1979 Israeli vinyl LP KLAS1066

Various-Childrens 30 Chanukah Songs For Children 1976 UK vinyl LP 53738

Various-Childrens 51 Songs For Limor - Sealed Israeli 2-LP vinyl set SA32038

Various-Childrens Little Song Sing-A-Long - Sealed 1980 Canadian vinyl LP NC535

Various-Childrens The Town That Arrested Santa Claus - Sealed USA vinyl LP 81-52991

Various-Childrens The Miracles 1962 UK 7" vinyl D41

Various-Childrens Travellin' With Ella Jenkins 1989 USA vinyl LP SF45009

Various-Childrens Bedknobs And Broomsticks 1971 UK vinyl LP 2870140

Various-Childrens Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures - Sealed 1978 USA vinyl LP 8208

Various-Childrens The Legend Of The Gnomes 1976 UK vinyl LP 2384095

Various-Childrens Musical Chairs 1968 UK 7" vinyl LYN1730

Various-Childrens Christmas Is Coming! 1973 UK 7" vinyl 202

Various-Childrens 20 All Time Junior Hits 1980 UK vinyl LP MFP50488

Various-Childrens Playground Song Time 1976 UK vinyl LP MFP50350

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