Tom Paxton Pop Spectacular 1972 UK vinyl LP CN1670/S

Tom Paxton New Songs From The Briarpatch 1977 UK vinyl LP MAMS1005

Tom Paxton The Compleat Tom Paxton Recorded Live 1971 Japanese 2-LP vinyl set SJET-9511~2

Tom Paxton 1969 Royal Albert Hall Ticket 1969 UK memorabilia TICKET

Tom Paxton Ramblin' Boy UK vinyl LP K42003

Tom Paxton The Last Thing On My Mind 1972 UK 7" vinyl K14222

Tom Paxton Original Album Series 2010 UK 5-CD set 8122798344

Tom Paxton The Things I Notice Now 1970 UK vinyl LP EKS-74043

Tom Paxton New Songs For Old Friends 1973 UK vinyl LP K44237

Tom Paxton The Last Thing On My Mind 1976 UK 7" vinyl MAM153

Tom Paxton Even A Gray Day - Autographed 1983 USA vinyl LP FLYINGFISH280

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