The Fixx Reach The Beach 1983 UK cassette album FXC1002

The Fixx Ink 1991 USA CD album MCAD-10205

The Fixx Elemental 1998 USA CD album CMCSP86244-2

The Fixx Two Different Views 1998 USA CD single CMCDJ87255-2

The Fixx The Fixx Sampler & Interview 1984 Canadian vinyl LP FIXX-1

The Fixx Sunshine In The Shade 1984 USA 7" vinyl MCA-52498

The Fixx Reach The Beach 1983 UK vinyl LP FX1002

The Fixx Stand Or Fall 1982 UK 7" picture disc FIXXP2

The Fixx Red Skies - Red Vinyl 1982 UK 7" vinyl FIXX3

The Fixx One Thing Leads To Another 2000 USA CD single JBR2583-2

The Fixx Saved By Zero 1983 UK 12" vinyl FIXXT4

The Fixx Live Letters 1981 UK vinyl LP 2478 141

The Fixx Calm Animals 1989 Japanese CD album R32P-1182

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