Stray Cats Platinum 2008 USA CD album 09463-87223-2-8

Stray Cats Best Of - Ultimate Selection 1991 Japanese CD album BVCA-117

Stray Cats Rebels Rule 1983 USA 12" vinyl SPRO-9016

Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut 1981 UK 7" vinyl SCAT3

Stray Cats Runaway Boys - Injection label 1980 UK 7" vinyl SCAT1

Stray Cats Superstar Concert Series 1983 USA box set RADIOSHOW

Stray Cats [She's] Sexy And 17 - Translucent Brown Vinyl 1983 Japanese 7" vinyl 7RS-80

Stray Cats Rock Therapy - Sealed 1992 Japanese CD album TOCP-7019

Stray Cats Stray Cats And Brian Setzer 1994 Japanese CD album TOCP-8169

Stray Cats Rolling Stone - May 1984 1984 USA magazine MAY 1984

Stray Cats What's Goin' Down 1981 Japanese 7" vinyl 7RS-22

Stray Cats LP Box 1994 Japanese box set BVJA-2801/3

Stray Cats (She's) Sexy + 17 1983 UK 7" vinyl SCAT6

Stray Cats Rant N'Rave With The Stray Cats - Sealed 1990 Japanese CD album BVCA-5004

Stray Cats I'm A Rocker 1986 USA 12" vinyl SPRO9802

Stray Cats Tear It Up 1997 Japanese CD album TECW-20652

Stray Cats Mystery Train Kept A Rollin' 2004 Japanese CD single PRT-986

Stray Cats Rockabilly Rules: At Their Best.. Live 2001 USA DVD-Audio disc 228056-9

Stray Cats Rock This Town 1981 UK cassette single CSCAT2

Stray Cats Runaway Boys - Picture labels 1980 UK 7" vinyl SCAT1

Stray Cats What's Goin' Down 1981 Japanese 7" vinyl 7RS-69

Stray Cats Lonely Summer Nights 1981 Japanese 7" vinyl 7RS-33

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