Stan Freberg The Madison Ave. Werewolf 1963 USA vinyl LP T1816

Stan Freberg The United States Of America 1961 USA vinyl LP SW1573

Stan Freberg Face The Funnies 1962 USA vinyl LP T1694

Stan Freberg Real Saint George 1956 UK 7" vinyl EAP1-628

Stan Freberg Freberg Again 1961 UK 7" vinyl EAP1-20115

Stan Freberg Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) 1960 UK 7" vinyl 45-CL15122

Stan Freberg Green Chri$tma$ 1958 UK 7" vinyl 45-CL14966

Stan Freberg The Great Pretender 1956 UK 7" vinyl 45-CL14571

Stan Freberg The Yellow Rose Of Texas 1956 UK 7" vinyl 45-CL14509

Stan Freberg The Lone Psychiatrist 1955 UK 7" vinyl 45-CL14316

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