Ry Cooder All Shook Up 1987 USA CD single PRO-CD-2873

Ry Cooder The Slide Area 1982 German vinyl LP WBK56976

Ry Cooder The Slide Area 1982 UK vinyl LP K56976

Ry Cooder Get Rhythm Tour 1988 1988 UK tour programme TOUR PROGRAM

Ry Cooder Buena Vista Social Club Series Sampler 2000 UK CD single WCDP01

Ry Cooder Cd Collection 1990 Japanese CD album PCS-40

Ry Cooder Paradise And Lunch 1974 UK vinyl LP K44260

Ry Cooder Borderline 1980 German vinyl LP WB56864

Ry Cooder Why Don't You Try Me Tonight - The Best Of Ry Cooder 1986 UK vinyl LP WX37

Ry Cooder Music By Ry Cooder - Words + Music 1994 USA CD album PRO-CD-7737

Ry Cooder Triple Press Pack - 1980-1987 1980 USA press pack PRESS PACKS

Ry Cooder Get Rhythm 1987 USA CD single PRO-CD-2934

Ry Cooder Ry Cooder 1980 UK tour programme TOUR PROGRAMME

Ry Cooder Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down 2011 USA CD album PRO400159

Ry Cooder Little Sister 1979 UK 7" vinyl K17460

Ry Cooder Jazz 1988 German CD album 7599-27355-2

Ry Cooder Ry Cooder 1995 German CD album 7599-27510-2

Ry Cooder Into The Purple Valley 1988 German CD album 7599-27200-2

Ry Cooder Music by Ry Cooder 1995 German 2-CD album set 9362-45987-2

Ry Cooder Paradise And Lunch 1988 German CD album 7599-27212-2

Ry Cooder Chicken Skin Music 1988 German CD album 7599-27231-2

Ry Cooder Boomer's Story 1992 German CD album 7599-26398-2

Ry Cooder Get Rhythm 1987 German CD album 7599-25639-2

Ry Cooder Borderline 1984 German CD album 7599-23489-2

Ry Cooder Show Time 1993 German CD album 7599-27319-2

Ry Cooder The Slide Area German CD album 7299-23651-2

Ry Cooder Paris Texas - Sealed 2012 German vinyl LP 7599-25270-1

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