Runrig Capture The Heart 1990 UK 12" vinyl CHS123594

Runrig An Ubhal As Airde 1995 UK CD single CDCHS5021

Runrig The Greatest Flame - Postcard Pack 1993 UK 7" vinyl CHS3975

Runrig Flower Of The West EP 1991 UK CD single CHSCD3805

Runrig Flower Of The West 1991 UK 7" vinyl CHS3805

Runrig The Message 1999 UK CD single RR011

Runrig The Greatest Flame 1993 UK 2-CD single set CDCHS/S3975

Runrig The Greatest Flame - Part 2 1997 UK CD single CDCHS5045

Runrig Hearthammer E.P. 1991 UK 7" vinyl CHS3754

Runrig Live Sampler 1988 UK CD single CDP1695

Runrig Skye 1984 UK 7" vinyl SIM8

Runrig Wonderful 1993 UK CD single CDCHS3952

Runrig Tour Pass 1995 German tour pass TOUR PASS

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