R Kelly I Can't Sleep Baby 2000 UK CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

R Kelly Open Ended Interview 2001 European CD album 9220262P

R Kelly Honey 2002 UK CD single 9253662

R Kelly Chocolate Factory 2003 UK 2-CD album set 82876536312

R Kelly Best Of Both Worlds 2002 UK CD-R acetate CDR ACETATE

R Kelly Snippet Street Sampler 2000 USA CD single JDJ427562

R Kelly Thoia Thoing - Remixes 2003 USA 12" vinyl JDAB-57151-1

R Kelly Snake (Remix) 2003 USA CD single JDJ-40115-2

R Kelly The Worlds Greatest 2002 UK video PROMO VIDEO

R Kelly The Storm Is Over Now 2000 Japanese CD single ZJCI30004

R Kelly R. Kelly's Remix Library 1998 USA CD single JSAM-53

R Kelly Let's Make Love 2006 USA CD single 82876-83438-2

R Kelly Half On A Baby 1998 USA CD single JDJ-42540-2

R Kelly Most Requested Hits 1995 USA CD single JSAM-19

R Kelly R Kelly 1995 Japanese CD album BVCQ-647

R Kelly Born Into The 90's 1993 Japanese CD album BVCQ-609

R Kelly Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy 2000 UK CD single 9250282

R Kelly Bump N' Grind 1994 UK CD single JIVECD350

R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly 1996 German CD single 7567-85465-9

R Kelly I Wish 2001 UK video PROMO VIDEO

R Kelly Snake 2003 UK CD single 82876547232

R Kelly Double Up 2007 Japanese CD album BVCP-21541

R Kelly Remix City Volume 1 2005 Japanese CD album BVCQ21061

R Kelly Happy People / U Saved Me 2004 Japanese 2-CD album set BVCQ28006/7

R Kelly Gotham City 1997 UK 12" vinyl JIVET428

R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly - Sealed 1996 USA CD single 01241-42427-2

R Kelly Did You Ever Think 1999 UK CD single 0523612

R Kelly The R In R&B - Greatest Hits Collection Vol. 1 2003 Japanese 2-CD album set BVCQ-28001~2

R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly 1996 UK CD single JIVECD415

R Kelly Epic 2010 UK CD album 88697765322

R Kelly Love Letter 2010 UK CD album 88697808742

R Kelly TP.3 Reloaded 2005 Japanese CD album BVCQ-27037/8

R Kelly Untitled 2009 Japanese CD album BVCP-40160

R Kelly Born Into The 90's 1992 Japanese CD album ALCB-463

R Kelly 2004 Unfinished Business 2004 Japanese CD album BVCQ-24013

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