Pre-Classical Music of the Early Renaissance 1967 USA vinyl LP TV34058S

Pre-Classical English Madrigals from the Corts of Elizabeth I and James I 1969 USA vinyl LP TV34202S

Pre-Classical English Secular Music of the Late Renaissance 1975 USA vinyl LP TV37079S

Pre-Classical Ecco la Primavera: Florentine music of the 14th Century 1969 UK vinyl LP ZRG642

Pre-Classical Two Renaissance Dance Bands 1971 UK vinyl LP HQS1249

Pre-Classical French Court Music of the Thirteenth Century UK vinyl LP DS3201

Pre-Classical Music from the time of the Popes at Avignon 1976 UK vinyl LP 76534

Pre-Classical Royal Music of King James I 1982 UK vinyl LP SA4

Pre-Classical Music at Hampton Court 1968 UK vinyl LP HQS1140

Pre-Classical Al Manere Minstrelsy UK vinyl LP PLR052

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