P.I.L. Disappointed 1989 UK 12" vinyl VST1181

P.I.L. Don't Ask Me 1990 UK CD single VSCDT1231

P.I.L. Disappointed 1989 Austrian CD single 662236-211

P.I.L. Happy USA CD single PRCD-2927

P.I.L. Disappointed 1989 USA CD single PRCD2709

P.I.L. Seattle 1987 UK 7" vinyl VS988

P.I.L. Paris Au Printemps 1980 UK vinyl LP V2183

P.I.L. This Is Not A Love Song - Black & White Sleeve 1983 UK 12" vinyl VS529-12

P.I.L. That What Is Not 1992 USA cassette album 4-91815

P.I.L. Public Image - Newspaper Sleeve 1978 UK 7" vinyl VS228

P.I.L. Album - Sealed 2009 USA vinyl LP RHI160438

P.I.L. Japanese Tour 1983 1983 Japanese tour programme TOUR PROGRAMME

P.I.L. The Body Megamix - Snapped 1988 Japanese 3" CD single 10CY-8009

P.I.L. Live In Tokyo + Poster 1983 UK 2-LP vinyl set VGD3508

P.I.L. The Greatest Hits So Far 1990 UK 2-LP vinyl set V2644

P.I.L. Memories 1979 UK 7" vinyl VS299

P.I.L. Flowers Of Romance 1981 UK vinyl LP V2189

P.I.L. The Order Of Death 1999 USA CD single CHA0122

P.I.L. Happy 1987 UK vinyl LP V2455

P.I.L. Rise 1986 UK 12" vinyl VS841-12

P.I.L. Rise 1986 UK 7" vinyl VS841

P.I.L. Disappointed 1989 USA 12" vinyl PR2709

P.I.L. Public Image Limited 2 1991 Japanese box set COCY9338-41

P.I.L. Album 1987 Japanese CD album 33C38-7826

P.I.L. That What Is Not 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95079

P.I.L. 9 [Nine] 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95078

P.I.L. Happy? 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95077

P.I.L. Compact Disc 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95076

P.I.L. This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95075

P.I.L. Live In Tokyo 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95074

P.I.L. Paris Au Printemps 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95072

P.I.L. Second Edition 2011 Japanese SHM CD TOCP-95071

P.I.L. Second Edition 2011 UK CD album CDVDR2512

P.I.L. This Is Not A Love Song 1983 UK 7" vinyl VS529

P.I.L. Paris Au Printemps 1984 UK vinyl LP OVED50

P.I.L. This Is Not A Love Song 1983 UK 7" vinyl VS529

P.I.L. The Body 1987 UK 12" vinyl VST1010

P.I.L. Warrior 1989 UK CD single 662494-211

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