Marty Wilde Sea Of Love 1959 UK 7" vinyl 45-PB.959

Marty Wilde Donna 1959 UK 7" vinyl 45-PB.902

Marty Wilde Tomorrow's Clown 1961 UK 7" vinyl PB.1191

Marty Wilde The Full Marty 2010 UK 3-CD set SPECSIG2043

Marty Wilde Endless Sleep 1958 UK 7" vinyl 45-PB.835

Marty Wilde Your Seventeenth Spring 1960 UK 7" vinyl PB.1078

Marty Wilde Rubber Ball 1961 UK 7" vinyl PB.1101

Marty Wilde It's Been Nice - 3pr 1959 UK 7" vinyl 45-PB.972

Marty Wilde The Rock n' Roll 50's + Ticket stubs 2001 UK tour programme PROGRAMME AND TICKETS

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