Marion Violent Men 1995 French CD single 4433

Marion Album Sampler 1995 UK CD single MAR1

Marion Sleep 1996 UK CD single SLEEP1

Marion Toys For Boys 1995 UK CD single LONCD366

Marion Club Spangle No.1 Inc The Only Way 1995 UK 7" vinyl SPANG001

Marion Violent Men - 1 Sided Numbered 1994 UK 7" vinyl MARI-A-1

Marion Time 1995 UK CD single LONCD377

Marion Minds Are Cruel 1997 UK 7" vinyl LON403

Marion Selections From The Program USA CD single 72191

Marion Sleep - Acoustic Ep 1995 UK CD single LOCDP381

Marion Let's All Go Together - Yellow Vinyl 1995 UK 7" vinyl LON371

Marion Sleep - Orange Vinyl - 2nd Issue 1995 UK 7" vinyl LON381

Marion Time 1996 Australian CD single 8504432

Marion Miyako Hideaway 1997 UK 2-CD single set LONCD/CDP403

Marion Let's All Go Together 1995 UK CD single LDJ371

Marion Sleep - Both Parts 1996 UK 2-CD single set LOCD/P381

Marion This World & Body 1995 Japanese CD album POCD-1185

Marion This World And Body 1995 USA CD album PRCD7110-2

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