Linda Lewis Woman Overboard 1977 UK vinyl LP SPARTY1003

Linda Lewis Rock And Roller Coaster 1975 UK 7" vinyl ARISTA25

Linda Lewis Play Around 1973 UK vinyl LP RA18505

Linda Lewis It's In His Kiss 1975 UK 7" vinyl ARISTA17

Linda Lewis Old Smokey 1972 UK 7" vinyl K14209

Linda Lewis We Can Win 1971 UK 7" vinyl K14096

Linda Lewis Woman Overboard Test Pressing 1977 UK 2-LP vinyl set TEST PRESSING

Linda Lewis Rock A Doodle Doo 1973 UK 7" vinyl RA18502

Linda Lewis Baby I'm Yours 1976 UK 7" vinyl ARISTA43

Linda Lewis Come Back And Finish What You Started 1977 UK 7" vinyl ARISTA125

Linda Lewis Lark 1972 UK vinyl LP K44208

Linda Lewis Whatever... 1996 Japanese CD album SRCS-8159

Linda Lewis Kiss Of Life 1999 Japanese CD album SRCS-8994

Linda Lewis Play Around 1973 UK 7" vinyl RA18505

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