Kay Starr I'll Never Be Free 1961 UK 7" vinyl 45-CL15213

Kay Starr Jazz Singer 1984 UK vinyl LP CAPS1867481

Kay Starr Wish Upon A Starr 1965 UK vinyl LP MFP1033

Kay Starr Pure Gold 1981 UK vinyl LP INTS5090

Kay Starr The Fabulous Favorites! UK vinyl LP ST2106

Kay Starr Fabulous! 1965 UK vinyl LP FA2002

Kay Starr Kay Starr Country 1974 USA vinyl LP GNPS2083

Kay Starr The Shining Star 1964 UK vinyl LP PR136

Kay Starr Movin' On Broadway! 1960 UK vinyl LP T1374

Kay Starr The Fabulous Favourites! 1982 UK vinyl LP MFP5603

Kay Starr Kay Starr Sings 1967 UK vinyl LP ALL795

Kay Starr Movin'! Part 3 EP 1960 UK 7" vinyl EAP-3-1254

Kay Starr Kay Starr's Again 1956 UK 7" vinyl 7EG8184

Kay Starr In A Blue Mood 1985 French vinyl LP 1565601

Kay Starr Jazz Singer 1960 UK vinyl LP T1438

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