Joni James Let There Be Love 1956 USA vinyl LP E3448

Joni James Award Winning Album 1956 USA vinyl LP E3346

Joni James 100 Strings And Joni 1959 USA vinyl LP E3755

Joni James After Hours 1962 Mexican vinyl LP E4008

Joni James One Hundred Voices... One Hundred Strings 1960 USA vinyl LP E3892

Joni James Ti Voglio Bene ... I Love You 1958 USA vinyl LP E3623

Joni James Award-Winning Album Vol.2 1958 USA vinyl LP E3706

Joni James When I Fall In Love 1960 Mexican vinyl LP E3240/3933

Joni James Joni Swings Sweet 1959 USA vinyl LP E3772

Joni James Stage Songs 1958 UK 7" vinyl MGM-EP595

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