Interpol Antics 2004 USA CD album OLE616-2V

Interpol Antics 2004 Japanese CD album TOCP-66323

Interpol Antics 2004 UK CD album OLE6162

Interpol Turn On The Bright Lights 2002 USA CD album OLE545-2V

Interpol Mammoth - Parts 1 & 2 2007 UK 7" vinyl CL896

Interpol The Heinrich Maneuver 2007 USA promo DVD-R DVD-R ACETATE

Interpol Interpol 2010 USA CD album OLE945-2V

Interpol Interpol 2010 USA CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Interpol Our Love To Admire 2007 USA CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

Interpol Interpol 2010 UK CD album VVR747029

Interpol Interpol 2010 UK vinyl LP VVR748050

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