Geoff Love Love With Love 1972 UK vinyl LP MFP5246

Geoff Love Latin With Love 1973 UK vinyl LP MFP50076

Geoff Love Big War Movie Themes 1971 UK vinyl LP MFP5171

Geoff Love The Big Big Movie Themes 1975 UK vinyl LP MFP50321

Geoff Love Big Western Movie Themes 1969 UK vinyl LP MFP1328

Geoff Love We're Having A Party 1979 UK vinyl LP MFP50444

Geoff Love Your Hundred Instrumental Favourites - Volume 3 1981 UK vinyl LP MFP50545

Geoff Love Steptoe And Son 1962 UK 7" vinyl 45DB4881

Geoff Love Your Top TV Themes 1972 UK vinyl LP MFP5272

Geoff Love Your Favourite TV Themes 1973 UK vinyl LP MFP50091

Geoff Love Big Love Movie Themes UK vinyl LP MFP5221

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