Del Shannon What's A Matter Baby 1972 UK 7" vinyl UP35460

Del Shannon Hey! Little Girl 1962 UK 7" vinyl 45-HL-X.9515

Del Shannon Hats Off To Larry 1961 UK 7" vinyl 45-HLX9402

Del Shannon The Swiss Maid 1962 UK 7" vinyl 45-HL-X.9609

Del Shannon Rock N Roll Greats 1986 UK vinyl LP MFP4157461

Del Shannon 1961-1990: A Complete Career Anthology 1998 Australian 2-CD album set RVCD51

Del Shannon Runaway: The Very Best Of 2010 UK CD album 5324782

Del Shannon Two Kinds Of Teardrops 1963 UK 7" vinyl HLX9710

Del Shannon Drop Down And Get Me 1983 UK vinyl LP FIEND8

Del Shannon Two Silhouettes 1963 UK 7" vinyl HL-X.9761

Del Shannon So Long Baby 1961 UK 7" vinyl 45-HL-X.9462

Del Shannon Little Town Flirt 1963 UK 7" vinyl 45-HL-X.9653

Del Shannon Stranger In Town 1965 UK 7" vinyl SS395

Del Shannon The Swiss Maid - Acetate 1974 UK 7" vinyl CS9013

Del Shannon Del Shannon No.2 1963 UK 7" vinyl RE-X1346

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