David Byrne Look Into The Eyeball 2001 UK CD-R acetate CD ACETATE

David Byrne Words & Music 1989 USA CD album PRO-CD-3820

David Byrne She's Mad 1992 USA CD single PRO-CD-5290

David Byrne Like Humans Do 2001 USA CD single DPRO-16127

David Byrne Girls On My Mind 1992 German CD single W0086CD

David Byrne Rei Momo 1989 Japanese CD album 25XE-12

David Byrne Lazy - Norman Cook Remixes 2002 UK 12" vinyl SKINT74X

David Byrne Lead Us Not Into Temptation 2003 Japanese CD album THRILL-JP6

David Byrne Grown Backwards 2004 UK CD album 7559798262

David Byrne Brazil Classics #1 - Beleza Tropical 1989 USA CD album PRO-CD-3467

David Byrne Lazy - Promo 2002 UK 12" vinyl SKINT-74

David Byrne Look Into The Eyeball 2001 USA CD album 724385092428

David Byrne Grown Backwards 2004 Japanese CD-R acetate CDR ACETATE

David Byrne David Byrne 1994 USA CD album PROCD6876A

David Byrne Make Believe Mambo 1989 USA CD single PRO-CD-3800

David Byrne Here Lies Love 2010 UK 2-CD album set 7559798048

David Byrne Music For The Knee Plays 1985 Dutch vinyl LP 064-2403811

David Byrne Music For The Knee Plays - Sealed 1985 USA vinyl LP 25022-1

David Byrne Sounds From True Stories / Rei Momo UK cassette album WX319C/TC-EMC3520

David Byrne Please Don't 2010 Japanese CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE

David Byrne Live At Carnegie Hall 2012 USA CD album 513702

David Byrne Uh-Oh 1992 Japanese CD album WPCP-4777

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