Art Farmer From Vienna With Art 1970 French vinyl LP MPS15064

Art Farmer The Great Jazz Hits 1967 UK vinyl LP BPG63113

Art Farmer Gentle Eyes 1991 UK CD album MDCD716

Art Farmer On The Road 1976 USA vinyl LP S7636

Art Farmer The Time And The Place - Sealed 1967 Japanese vinyl LP SOPZ-18

Art Farmer Sing Me Softly Of The Blues 1966 UK vinyl LP ATL5040

Art Farmer In Concert 1986 German vinyl LP ENJA4088

Art Farmer Modern Art 1976 Japanese vinyl LP GXC3129

Art Farmer Big Blues 1978 UK vinyl LP CTI7083

Art Farmer Sing Me Softly Of The Blues 1972 Japanese vinyl LP P6103

Art Farmer The Summer Knows 1977 Japanese vinyl LP 20PJ-4

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