4.A.D. Facing The Wrong Way 1995 UK 12" vinyl FTWW23

4.A.D. Flexi Sampler 1990 UK 7" vinyl CAT081

4.A.D. Facing The Wrong Way 1995 UK CD album FTWW1

4.A.D. Anakin - 1998 A Preview 1998 UK CD album TAD8001CD

4.A.D. ...Think I'm The Getting The Hang Of It 1995 USA CD album PRO-CD-7625

4.A.D. Plague Songs 2006 USA CD album CAD2616CD

4.A.D. Dusted & Clusted 1998 Japanese CD album RCP-5005

4.A.D. This Rimy River - Los Angeles Exhibition Catalogue 1994 UK book 0948835370

4.A.D. All Virgos Are Mad 1994 French CD album VISA3476

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